Show Your Hearing Aids


Woman showing off her hearing aid

There's a lot of debate on whether social media is a positive or negative benefit on society. One thing is for sure though, Miss San Antonio, Emma Rudkin has created a positive buzz around a new hashtag: #ShowYourAids.

The #ShowYourAids social media campaign raises money with every picture posted, and then the money is used to help those who can't afford hearing aids, research, or summer camp for kids.

One of the most famous #ShowYourAids photos came all the way back in April of this year, when Seattle Seahawks Running Back Derrick Coleman posted this photo in response to someone who pledged to donate $500 if he posted a photo of his hearing aids.


Since then the campaign has really exploded, with tons of major news organizations picking up the story. Emma is part of, a non-profit group “committed to advocating and supporting the deaf and hard of hearing community…”

So how did this all start?

Well, according to Emma, “We had this donor wanting to give to Aid The Silent. The idea was that every time someone took a picture or selfie with their hearing aids and used the #ShowYourAids hashtag, then $20 would be donated.”

Teens and adults across America have been posting and the movement is still picking up steam.

If you'd like to be a part of it simply post a picture of yourself (wearing your hearing aids of course) on Twitter, with the hashtag #ShowYourAids. Or, you can do directly to Aid The Silent and donate. Once you're on that page you'll fine a bright pink “DONATE” button at the top.

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