Deaf Servers Shine at SIGNS Restaurant

Server at a restaurant

Located in downtown Toronto, Canada, SIGNS restaurant offers a unique experience where customers learn a new language to order their meal. American Sign Language (ASL) that is.

Appropriately named, SIGNS restaurant employs 50 Deaf waiters and waitresses who use American Sign Language to communicate with their customers. The food is a a blend of Canadian and international food, along with an extensive wine list. But, while the food is good, it's the experience that will draw people to this restaurant. It's one-of-a-kind.

Customers order their food using the help of an instructional guide on the menu. Each menu item shows the associated sign so customers can interact with the Deaf staff and enjoy learning the language. In addition to learning the signs for food orders, customers will be shown simple conversational phrases in American Sign Language and can use these with the staff.

The restaurant founder, Anjan Manikumar, hopes that SIGNS will promote awareness of American Sign Language among the hearing community, as well as provide career opportunities for members of the Deaf community in the hospitality industry.

SIGNS offers a unique and educational experience for hearing customers to experience the culture of the Deaf community, as well as a place for Deaf customers to come and be comfortable using their own language.

The National reports that since the restaurant opened its' doors, reservations are pouring in.

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