70+ Best Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Apps For Your Ears

70 Apps for Deaf, Hearing Impaired, and Tinnitus

Want to use your smartphone to test your hearing? How about to adjust your hearing aid or even help you hear the TV better? You guessed it…there's an app for that!

We have broken down some of the top apps for the ears, including anything from a hearing loss simulator app, to an app that can protect your ears by ensuring that you're not listening to your music too loud.

Made for Hearing Aid Apps

These apps act as a remote control for your hearing aids. They are specific for each hearing aid brand and must be used with a compatible hearing aid model.

BrandApp NameDescriptionAvailability
SigniaminiTek Remote AppThis Android app acts as a remote control for your Siemens miniTek device and allows the user to control several wirelessly synced audio devices with their hearing aids. The app will allow you to control them seamlessly and discreetly. Android, iOS
SigniatouchControlA remote control that works with Siemens wireless hearing aids. Change your hearing aid programs, adjust volume, and adjust bass and treble sounds with the app alone. Android, iOS
PhonakSupport AppIt's like a virtual assistant for your hearing aids, this app will walk you step-by-step through the process of using your hearing aids. It includes step-by-step instructions and a troubleshooting guide to get you comfortable using your devices. Android, iOS
PhonakRemoteControl AppWorks along with the Phonak Compilot devices to customize your hearing aid settings and configure its wireless streaming functions. Android, iOS
StarkeyTruLinkThis app is the ultimate controller of Starkey's newest Made for iPhone (and now Android) hearing aids. It allows complete control over your Starkey Halo hearing aids without any intermediary device. Android, iOS
BeltoneHearPlusUse this app with your compatible Beltone hearing aids to adjust volume, settings, programs, and check battery status. Android, iOS
ReSoundSmartThis app allows you to fine-tune your ReSound Smart hearing aids without any intermediary device. Change programs, volume, access the virtual user's guide, find misplaced hearing aids, balance sounds, and seamlessly sync with other audio devices with the app. Android, iOS
ReSoundControlAn app that works with ReSound's wireless hearing aids to adjust programs, volume, and control your other ReSound streaming devices. Android, iOS
OticonConnectLineControl your wireless streaming settings for your Oticon hearing aids. Android, iOS
OticonON appUse this app to control your Oticon Opn hearing aids without the need for an intermediary device. Change programs, volume, access the virtual user's guide, find misplaced hearing aids, check battery level, and sync with IFTTT. Android, iOS

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Hearing Protection Apps

These apps measure the sound level in your environment or from your streaming device and can tell you when you are being exposed to damaging noise levels.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
Sound MeterUses the microphone from your Android device to measure how loud your environment is, in decibels, and gives you a reference sound to compare it to. Android
Sound Level MeterUses the microphone from your iOS device to measure how loud the environment is, in decibels. iOS
Noise Control ProUses the microphone from your Android device to measure how loud your environment is, in decibels, and allows you to record the sound for later playback.Android
SoundcheckMeasures the noise levels in your environment and determines whether noise protection is recommended to protect your hearing from damage. Android, iOS
HearangelMonitors the music levels you are listening to with your audio devices and lets you know when you are in danger of overexposure. Android, iOS
Too Noisy ProUsed to control the noise level in a classroom by alerting the kids when they are being too noisy. Android, iOS
HearculesFor people who are frequently exposed to loud noises, this app will tell you how much longer you can stay in that noisy environment without causing hearing damage, and will alert you when you need to take a break from the noise. iOS
Adv Decibel Meter 2.0Measures the audio power coming into your device's microphones. iOS
Decibel Meter ProA decibel meter with graphics optimized for the iPhone. iOS

A recent evaluation shows that some of the apps available on iOS may be considered accurate and reliable enough to assess occupational noise exposure.

Tinnitus Relief Apps

These apps will provide different types of therapy sounds to use for tinnitus relief. Some of these apps also include additional relaxation and sleep techniques for managing tinnitus.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
Relax MelodiesSelect sounds and melodies and combine them to create your own mix to help you sleep. Android, iOS
Relax Noise 3Uses white, pink, or red noise to mask your tinnitus. Android
Tinnitus Balance AppCreate customized sounds and music to listen to when your tinnitus is most bothersome.Android, iOS
TinnitusUses the Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) method to habituate your mind to "tune out" the tinnitus. Android
StopTinnitusCreates a customized tone to "phase out" your tinnitus. Android, iOS
Tinnitus: The CureAn informational app that will help you learn about your tinnitus diagnosis and what you need to understand to overcome the disease. Android
White NoiseUses environmental sounds to create a relaxing atmosphere. Android, iOS
Tinnitus ReliefThis app gives you information about tinnitus and walks you through different relaxation exercises to give you tinnitus relief. Android
ReSound ReliefOffers a combination of sound therapy and relaxation exercises to distract you from your tinnitus. Android, iOS
Beltone Tinnitus CalmerOffers a combination of sound therapy and relaxation exercises to distract you from your tinnitus. Android, iOS
SimplyNoiseFeatures white, noise, and brown sound samples to help reduce tinnitus and stress. Android, iOS
myNoiseUses white noise, rain noise and binaural beats to create sound therapy noise generators. Android, iOS
Tinnitus TherapyUses customizable sounds as sound therapy and sound masking to make your tinnitus less noticeable. Android, iOS
WhistCreate custom sounds by adjusting volume, pitch, noisiness, and balance to help relieve your tinnitus. Android, iOS
Oticon Tinnitus SoundChoose from different sound types and create a sound plan to give your relief from your tinnitus when you need it. Android, iOS
Track Your TinnitusThis app helps you to track your tinnitus so you can find patterns and figure out how your tinnitus is associated with your daily activities. Android, iOS
Tinnitus AlleviatorUsers of this app listen to spectrally modified music designed to retrain the brain to ignore the ringing sounds and stop reacting negatively to them.iOS
TinnitracksWeb app which allows you to filter your music in order to use it for a new tinnitus therapy Android, iOS

Hearing Test Apps

These apps will help you to screen your hearing and estimate how much hearing loss you may have.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
uHearGive yourself a hearing test to determine if you hear within the normal range and how well you hear in noise. iOS
Siemens Hearing TestDetermine how well you can detect words in background noise. iOS
Hearing Test Pro FreeTests you hearing in quiet and in noise and explains the results to you using your audiogram. iOS
Better HearingAnalyzes your hearing to determine at which frequencies you can't hear. iOS
SoundcheckScreen your hearing and view your results in an easy-to-read format. iOS
Hearing-CheckA quick and simple way to screen your hearing by entering the number you hear. iOS
Mimi Hearing TestTest your hearing at different frequencies and determine your "hearing age."Android, iOS
Audicus Hearing TestA quick and simple hearing screening at 6 different frequencies. iOS
Tone GeneratorCreate your own frequency tones and compare your hearing with your friends. iOS
Jacoti Hearing CenterUses patented DuoTone technology to provide you with clinically reliable test results that you can track over time. iOS
Sound ScoutA game designed to test the hearing of children. Android, iOS

Hearing Enhancement Apps

These apps use sound and/or speech amplification technology to help make listening easier without the use of traditional hearing aids.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
Jacoti ListenAppuse your Apple earphones to hear voices around you clearer and the sound from applications like music players, podcast applications, voice over ip systems, etc.iOS

A personal sound amplifier that can be adjusted individually for each ear. iOS
i-Hear FreeA personal sound amplifier that turns up the volume. iOS
Hearing AidRecords a conversation and filters out ambient background noises based on voice frequency. iOS
EarMachineEnhances the sounds around you. Android, iOS
TV LouderUses the device microphone to amplify TV sounds without having to turn the TV up. iOS
HearingAmpThis app will amplify sounds and allow the user to adjust sound quality with varying filters. iOS
BioAidChoose from different settings based on common hearing impairment configurations to find the amplification that works for you. iOS
AUD1Uses advanced signal processing strategies to help increase comfort and clarity of sounds. Android, iOS
Hear CoachA training game used to improve listening ability in noise by increasing cognitive and auditory sharpness.Android
uSoundUses your hearing test to customize sounds to each user's specific hearing level in real time to compensate for any impairment. Android
Petralex Hearing AidEnhances incoming sounds and allows the user to create different profiles. Android, iOS
TunityAllows you to stream sound from any muted television. Android, iOS

Assistive Device Apps

These apps help those with hearing loss by providing visual and/or tactile information such as closed captioning and vibrational alerting signals.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
Tap TapWorks as an alerting device to get the attention of someone with a hearing loss by vibrating in response to certain sound signals, such as a honk, alarm, or shout. iOS
P3 MobileA voice relay service app that allows deaf and hard of hearing individuals to have telephone conversations.iOS/Android

Hearing Loss Simulation Apps

These apps will give you a better understanding of hearing loss and the types of difficulties someone with hearing loss may experience.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
Hearing Loss SimulatorAllows you to choose a specific hearing loss configuration and listen to sounds as though you have that particular hearing loss. iOS

Ear Education Apps

These apps will help educate you on the anatomy of the ear and conditions which may cause hearing loss.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
Ear IDTeaches the anatomy of the ear with images, animation, and videos. iOS
DrawMD ENTAllows medical professionals to sketch medical illustrations to help better explain a condition to their patient. iOS
LUMA AudiologyAn informational app that helps Audiologists explain hearing and balance conditions to their patients with easy-to-understand videos, simulations, and closed captions. iOS
Phonak LeoThis interactive iPad app is great for teaching children about hearing loss in a fun way. iOS

Sign Language Apps

These apps will help you learn or interpret sign language.

App NameDescriptionAvailability
ASL DictionaryTranslates English into American Sign Language (ASL) from A-Z, numbers, common English phrases, symbols and more. iOS
ASL Dictionary from NTID An ASL to English dictionary that demonstrates how signs change, or "inflect" to convey different meanings.iOS
Signed StoriesChildren's stories performed in American Sign Language or British Sign Language. iOS
My Smart Hands Baby Sign Language DictionaryTeaches you and your baby 300 different ASL signs. iOS
ASL CoachA simplified way to learn American Sign Language. iOS
ASL: FingerspellingAn ASL fingerspelling practice tool to help you improve your ability to read fingerspelling. iOS
Marlee SignsLearn ASL from Marlee Matlin, Academy Award Winning Deaf actress. iOS

What's Your Favorite Hearing App?

Now you've seen our list. Do you have a favorite hearing app? If we did not include it in the list above, please comment below and let us know about it!

Lindsey Banks

Lindsey Banks


Lindsey Banks is a graduate of the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) program at the University of Florida. She uses her diverse experience in hearing healthcare and her passion for helping people to provide credible information to those with hearing loss who visit Clear Living.


  1. Robert Redfern says:

    I like ‘My Practical Tinnitus’.

    I wrote it to help myself and others.


  2. Fred Baski says:

    I use Speech Id 2 (speechid.com), however, it is iOS only.

  3. Christine says:

    I don’t even know the way I finished up here, but I thought this post is great.

  4. Terry Kubiak says:

    Have you heard of ‘myControl APP 2.0’ ?

    1. Clear Living says:

      We have not. What does it do?

  5. K Myers says:

    Nucleus Smart App, made for Cochlear Implant Nucleus 7

  6. Carolyn says:

    Two apps for captioning: 1) InnoCaption for cell phone calls; 2) Ava — captioning for conference meetings.

    1. Clear Living says:

      Thanks for pointing these out to us Carolyn! We will take a look and add them to our list.

  7. cece says:

    My Mom has an android smart phone, any suggestions for apps?

  8. martin says:

    Very useful list, thanks!

    I just discovered three new iOS apps that would fit the category “Hearing Enhancement Apps”:

    – SonicCloud (www.soniccloud.com) > hearing test and personalization of phone calls. iOS only. In-app purchase.
    – Fennex (www.fennex.io) > hearing test and hearing amplifier. Compatible with Apple AirPods. iOS only. Free.
    – Hearing Aid Pro (www.hearingaidproapp.com) > hearing amplifier. iOS only. $10,00.


    please add to the list

  9. stellio says:

    my android app Hearing Aid Control Premium is used by hundreds of Starkey users.


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