Pixie: Never Lose Your Hearing Aids Again

Have a hard time keeping track of your keys, wallet, glasses, hearing aids, phone charger, headphones, camera, purse, luggage, computer, pet, or TV remote? Then the Pixie tracker is for you!

The Pixie tracker is the best tracker for people with hearing loss because it is the only tracker that uses both audio and visual location methods. Instead of having to rely on hearing a beep indicator of your item's location, the pixie shows you on your smartphone, and gets within inches of the item you're looking for.


The Good: The only 2-in-1 finder that uses both audio and visual location methods to find your lost items, a better solution for people with hearing loss.

The Bad: If your phone is the thing you lose most, the Pixie won't help much unless you have a second iPhone or an iPad that you can access the Pixie app on.

The Sound Worthy: A Pixie package includes a key ring or pet collar loop accessory plus a curved surface adhesive sticker so you can put your tracker points on any item you'd like.

We were recently on vacation and I kept having the hardest time keeping track of my car keys. In and out of hotels, traveling across the country, it started to become a real problem.

When I found out about Pixie, I knew this was the perfect solution not only for my car keys, but also had the potential to track hearing aids.

How it Works

You download the free app, sync the the first Pixie point to your phone and attach it to your phone. The Pixie comes with a specifically designed iPhone case to hold your pixie, but you can keep your current case and stick the pixie to the back of it. The remaining Pixie points you purchase are to sink and attach to items you might need help finding.

When you are far away from an item, it will show you on a map. Once you get closer, an arrow will show you which direction it's in and exactly how many feet it is away. Once you get inches away, you will see a metal detector screen that will guide you right to the object. Plus, you can pair up to 6 items and pull up the directory that shows you exactly how far each item is away from you.

Check out the video below. We tested Pixie by hiding a pair of keys in the house.

The best part about Pixie is that you don't have to chase a beep to find your lost item!

Even people with normal hearing need a quiet room in order to follow the beep of other trackers, and forget finding anything in another room or in a noisy restaurant. Those with hearing loss can't rely on hearing the beep either. With Pixie, you can see where your item is using the app locator.

Let pixie show you where it is!

How Pixie Could Have Saved Us

Right after we tested Pixie in the house, we drove down to the skilled nursing facility where my grandmother lives. She uses a pair of Oticon Opns during the day, but stores them in a hearing aid box by her bed at night. At least that's where she's supposed to keep them.

To date they had been lost several times, mostly by the staff storing them in different places. Luckily part of the Oticon Opn app has a built in tracker for things like this. Unfortunately, literally that very day, the app was deleted off the phone of her primary caregiver.

We had limited time with her that day and didn't have a chance to set up the Pixie that we had left in her hearing aid box. And of course disaster struck.

The next morning her hearing aids went missing and this time we didn't find them. All we had to do was take a few extra minutes to set up Pixie and we wouldn't have had to replace them.

Lesson learned: at the very least use a tracker, and to date Pixie is one of our favorites.

Pixie update: Pixie 3.0 with 3D Viewing

One good thing to come of Apple's new iOS11 version is an update from Pixie tracker with improved AI functions.

You can now view your missing item in 3D, as well as some of the Pixie characters, such as the “X marks the spot”. It's a more realistic view of the room you're in and the item you're looking for, making it even easier to locate.

Duncan Lambden

Duncan Lambden


Duncan is an Australian-born American-raised creative writer with a passion for healthy ears. He continues to build upon his audiology qualifications with research and various courses. Duncan has been working alongside Florida-based audiologist Lindsey Banks, Au.D., to make sure that Clear Living has the most up-to-date content.


  1. I. Recinos says:

    FYI – Pixie is now out of business. DO NOT BUY their trackers.

    They are still available on Amazon but cannot be set up since their website and app are both offline now.

  2. Barb says:

    Could you please make this to attach to the hearing aid itself? Otherwise it doesnt help as the case is notmthe issue.

  3. Observer 375 says:

    Pixie apparently is a competitor to Tile. Best Buy carries Tile. In what store(s) is Pixie available?

    1. Lindsey Banks says:

      You can use the link above to purchase the Pixie on Amazon

  4. Pat Buske says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. This won’t help a patient with dementia. If he loses hearing aids, he certainly won’t remember to put them in a case!

  5. harry robinson says:

    If the tracker does not work on the hearing aid itself but only on the hearing aid case , your claim “never lose your hearing aid again” is false. I purchased pixie to specifically find my wife`s aids, which are very small and, difficult to find if mislaid.We never mislay the cases . So I have wasted my money. Why can`t you devise a patch that does stick on the small hearing aids . This would be a real leap forward and then you can make the claim realistic.
    I am disappointed with all this and feel I have been misled . Harry Robinson

    1. Jen says:

      Thank you for that input. I was thinking of getting pixie for my mom, who loses everything all the time. But if the app can only find a case, it is truly worthless as you say.

    2. Sandra Carden says:

      Thank you for this comment. I was getting ready to order my sister looses her aids and your right not the case the aid itself.

    3. Christine Gilbert says:

      Thanks for keeping me from wasting money on something to find the case, NOT the hearing aids

  6. Tina Luman says:

    Does this device work on older hearing aids? If not, what Oticon hearing aids will it work on?

    1. Clear Living says:

      Hi Tina
      Pixie doesn’t work on hearing aids themselves, but you can put the pixie tracker on your hearing aid case to keep track of them!

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