10 Best Completely Wireless Earbuds 2020

Wireless earbuds

If I wanted a pair of truly wireless headphones, I'd get he Jabra Elite 75t. After extensive research (which we'll get into below), the Jabras came out on top. The market of actually wireless earbuds is still relatively new but it has exploded over recent years thanks to models such as the Apple AirPods.

However, the Jabra's performed so well in just about every category, it would be remiss of us not to put them in first place.

The best wireless earbuds

The Jabra Elite 75t are the best wireless earbuds on the market with a fantastic 7.5 hour battery life plus an extra 28 hours with the charging case.


They're also water, sweat, and dust resistant meaning they're great for exercising. Plus, they also work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, so you needn't worry about which phone you have.

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What makes a TRULY wireless pair of earbuds?

Most of us use some type of headphones almost daily, whether it's at work to block out the incessant gum smacking of your coworker, or at the gym for a little inspiration. Unfortunately while all of our devices are losing their wires, headphones are only pretending to.

Don't believe me?

Check out this screenshot I took while browsing Amazon for “wireless earbuds.”

Earbuds Called Wireless, But Aren't

I added all the marked up red text for clarity. But as you can see, on a search result of 7 earbuds, 6 aren't actually wireless. For the most part they are a pair of earbuds…attached by a WIRE. I get it. They don't require a wire to plug into the device, but that just makes them pluginless (if that's even a word), or really just Bluetooth capable.

How we chose what to test

Instead of picking and choosing a select few, I've gone through every single pair of completely wireless headphones that I could find. As of writing this, that's a total of 21.

I imagine that number will grow over time, and I'll be sure to update it. For now, if you happen to know about a pair that I missed, let us know in the comments below.

So, that's the good news. The bad news is that of those 21, only 15 of them were a “pair” of earbuds. The other 6 were singular earpieces. It doesn't stop there though, as of right now only 5 of the 15 are available. The other 10 are currently in either a funding or pre-order status.

How to choose the right pair for you

Before just choosing the pair that looks the coolest, or even our favorite pick, there is one specific criteria to consider: purpose.

Purpose. What exactly are you going to be using these headphones for? Do you want to track your heart rate while running? Are you just looking for some earbuds that can make phone calls? Or maybe you just need something small to carry while you travel?

Top 10 Completely Wireless Headphones

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Virtual Assistant
Battery life
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Jabra Elite 75t

Apple AirPods

Samsung Gear IconX

Bose SoundSport Free

Sony WF1000X


Motorola VerveOnes+












N/A9 hours



Google Assistant, Sir, Alexa


Bixby or Google Assistant




Siri, Google Assistant

7.5 hours

5 hours

5 hours

5 hours

9 hours

3 hours

12 hours

Final thoughts

Regardless of what you intend to use these earbuds for, we're confident the Jabra Elite 75t will meet, and surpass your needs. Be sure to let us know in the comments below which pair you ended up going with!


Best Completely Wireless Earbuds
Jabra Elite 75t



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  • Rao
    Bragi is my all-time fav. Well, people can actually opt for this.
  • Ubaid Chaudhary
    You did some pretty impressive research
  • Jose Soares
    I purchased the schatzii 2.0 and its an absolute piece of crap wireless airbuds. I purchased these in May 2019 and have had very little joy. Don’t believe the hype about these earbuds. Sound quality is poor when listening to music and even worse when making phone calls. They don’t tell you that when making phone calls, only one earbud works which makes any conversation very difficult due to poor audio and competing background noise which is not cancelled because only one earbud is working. Secondly, the receiving party found it difficult to hear and clearly understand my side of the conversation. Also, there were constant drop outs while listening to music. I would not recommend anyone invest so much money on a piece of crap and go seek better value elsewhere at a fraction of the cost.
    • Clear Living
      Sorry to hear about your negative experience with the earbuds you purchased. Those are not included on our recommended wireless earbuds. You will likely have greater success with the wireless earbuds on our list above.
  • Shah
    Hi, I am yet to purchase my first truly wireless earbuds. My main and ONLY purpose would be for phone calls I have never used one before, and it seems like there are quite a few experts here who could help me out Considering the microphone is basically in our ear, how clear can the other person hear you on call? Can you be heard clearly if you whisper? Asking this as I live with my roommate and when i need to talk at night, i have to whisper. So basically, I would be purchasing them for CALLS only
    • Clear Living
      Some of the complaints with the truly wireless earbuds on the phone are that the talk-back function does not sound great if you are in any type of noisy environment, like wind or traffic noise or in a crowd. If you are talking in a quiet room I wouldn't suspect the person on the other end of the phone will have trouble hearing your voice, even at a whisper.
  • Paige Stone
    Hi, Apple wireless fall out of my ears They would be great, if they fit me... they were so expensive. I want to wear them so badly, any ideas?
    • Clear Living
      Hi Paige, Thank you for the comment. Sorry to hear you are having difficultly with your Apple earbuds, do you use any ear hooks with them? Ear Hooks are little silicone ear tips which you attach to the earbud itself. I hope this helps, all the best.