10 Best Completely Wireless Earbuds of 2020

jabra elite wireless earbuds with phone interface

If I wanted a pair of truly wireless headphones, I'd get the Jabra Elite Sport. After extensive research (which we'll get into below), Jabra Elite came out on top. The market of actual wireless earbuds is extremely new and still very young. Not only did Jabra Elite outperform in just about every category, but they are also manufactured by a well reputed company: Jabra, who's parent company has been around since 1869.

Our Number 1 Wireless Earbuds Pick:
Jabra Elite

jabra elite sport true wireless earbuds
With 3-in-1 functionality, including audio streaming, speech enhancement, and noise cancellation, wrapped up in a sleek and well-fitting completely wireless earbud, we believe this is a positive step forward in the hearable market, and the best pair we've tested to date.

Our Wireless Earbuds Runner-up:
The Dash by Bragi

Bragi The Dash earbuds

We think The Dash will fit the needs of mostly everyone. Not only are they Bluetooth compatible, but they also have the ability to store up to 1,000 songs directly in them. So, if you want to use them for a run or workout then you don't even need your phone to enjoy your favorite songs.In addition they're waterproof up to 3 feet, which means you can swim with them, and if you want to pass on the swimming, you at least won't ever have to worry about sweat damage. They also track heart rate, steps, cadence, and more.

Keep reading to check out the rest of our research.

What makes a TRULY wireless pair of earbuds?

Most of us use some type of headphones almost daily, whether it's at work to block out the incessant gum smacking of your coworker, or at the gym for a little inspiration. Unfortunately while all of our devices are losing their wires, headphones are only pretending to.

Don't believe me?

Check out this screenshot I took while browsing Amazon for “wireless earbuds.”

Earbuds Called Wireless, But Aren't

I added all the marked up red text for clarity. But as you can see, on a search result of 7 earbuds, 6 aren't actually wirelessly. For the most part they are a pair of earbuds…attached by a WIRE.

I get it. They don't require a wire to plug into the device, but that just makes them pluginless (if that's even a word), or really just Bluetooth capable.

What I'm after are truly wireless earbuds, like the kind you see Tom Cruise wear in the film Oblivion.

tom cruise wearing wireless earbuds in Oblivion

Now those are wireless earbuds.

You could even see from the Amazon screenshot above, that they do exist, but for some reason they're exceedingly hard to find. Until now.

How we chose what to test

Instead of picking and choosing a select few, I've gone through every single pair of completely wireless headphones that I could find. As of writing this, that's a total of 21.

I imagine that number will grow over time, and I'll be sure to update it. For now, if you happen to know about a pair that I missed, let us know in the comments below.

So, that's the good news. The bad news is that of those 21, only 15 of them were a “pair” of earbuds. The other 6 were singular earpieces. It doesn't stop there though, as of right now only 5 of the 15 are available. The other 10 are currently in either a funding or pre-order status.

How to choose the right pair for you

Before just choosing the pair that looks the coolest, or even our favorite pick, there is one specific criteria to consider: purpose.

Purpose. What exactly are you going to be using these headphones for? Do you want to track your heart rate while running? Are you just looking for some earbuds that can make phone calls? Or maybe you just need something small to carry while you travel?

Either way, decide your purpose, then take a look at our features column below and choose the best ones for you. OR… you could just go with the Bose Sound Sport Free, since that's what Casey Neistat uses.

Note: Skip to the 6:45 minute mark to see Casey's “comprehensive” review in the video below.

Top 10 Completely Wireless Headphones

1Jabra Elite SportWaterproof, heart rate monitor, race pace calculator and recovery advice
2Bragi The Dash4GB storage, biometric tracking, waterproof, passive noise isolation, adaptive fit
(Read more details here)
3Apple AirpodsAuto-play, Siri integration, 5 hours battery life
4Skybuds4 hours listening time, sweatproof
5Gear IconXBuilt-in 4GB music player, heart rate monitor, sweat resistant
6Bose Sound Sport FreeUp to 5 hours play time, sweat and weather resistant
7Sony WF1000XDigital noise cancelling, ambient sound mode, up to 9 hours battery with charging case
8Nuhera IQ BudsHigh fidelity audio, speech amplification, 16+ hours battery life
9EarinSweat-resistant, sound isolation
10Motorola VerveOnes+Sweat and waterproof, HD sound, Siri and Google Now compatible

What does the future look like?

If you're still reading that means your just as excited about the future of wireless sound as we are, which means you may also be interested in some data that suggests this is only the beginning of truly wireless earbuds.

Hearables Market Trends Chart

As you can see, the wireless earbud market is only expected to grow.

Here's a few that are still in the crowdfunding stage, but look to have the ability to make a splash in the market:

  • Alien. High end wireless audio.
  • Touch. Ultra small wireless Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds.
  • Hypnos. Smart sleep and work assistant earbuds.
  • Mugo. Tech meets fashion.

We expect to see more innovation from places like Kickstarter and Indiegogo in order to meet very niche demands of wireless earbuds, like activity tracking, sleep tracking, biometrics, and so on.

Final thoughts

Regardless of what you intend to use these earbuds for, we're confident the Jabra Elites will meet, and surpass your needs. Be sure to let us know in the comments below which pair you ended up going with!


Best Completely Wireless Earbuds
Jabra Elite



Duncan Lambden

Duncan Lambden


Duncan is an Australian-born American-raised creative writer with a passion for healthy ears. He continues to build upon his audiology qualifications with research and various courses. Duncan has been working alongside Florida-based audiologist Lindsey Banks, Au.D., to make sure that Clear Living has the most up-to-date content.


  1. Rao says:

    Bragi is my all-time fav. Well, people can actually opt for this.

  2. Ubaid Chaudhary says:

    You did some pretty impressive research

  3. Jose Soares says:

    I purchased the schatzii 2.0 and its an absolute piece of crap wireless airbuds. I purchased these in May 2019 and have had very little joy. Don’t believe the hype about these earbuds. Sound quality is poor when listening to music and even worse when making phone calls. They don’t tell you that when making phone calls, only one earbud works which makes any conversation very difficult due to poor audio and competing background noise which is not cancelled because only one earbud is working. Secondly, the receiving party found it difficult to hear and clearly understand my side of the conversation. Also, there were constant drop outs while listening to music. I would not recommend anyone invest so much money on a piece of crap and go seek better value elsewhere at a fraction of the cost.

    1. Clear Living says:

      Sorry to hear about your negative experience with the earbuds you purchased. Those are not included on our recommended wireless earbuds. You will likely have greater success with the wireless earbuds on our list above.

  4. Shah says:


    I am yet to purchase my first truly wireless earbuds.

    My main and ONLY purpose would be for phone calls

    I have never used one before, and it seems like there are quite a few experts here who could help me out

    Considering the microphone is basically in our ear, how clear can the other person hear you on call?

    Can you be heard clearly if you whisper? Asking this as I live with my roommate and when i need to talk at night, i have to whisper.

    So basically, I would be purchasing them for CALLS only

    1. Clear Living says:

      Some of the complaints with the truly wireless earbuds on the phone are that the talk-back function does not sound great if you are in any type of noisy environment, like wind or traffic noise or in a crowd. If you are talking in a quiet room I wouldn’t suspect the person on the other end of the phone will have trouble hearing your voice, even at a whisper.

  5. Paige Stone says:

    Hi, Apple wireless fall out of my ears They would be great, if they fit me… they were so expensive. I want to wear them so badly, any ideas?

    1. Clear Living says:

      Hi Paige,
      Thank you for the comment. Sorry to hear you are having difficultly with your Apple earbuds, do you use any ear hooks with them? Ear Hooks are little silicone ear tips which you attach to the earbud itself. I hope this helps, all the best.

  6. Daniella Cafferty says:

    I really wanted to post a quick message to be able to express gratitude to you for these unique steps you are placing at this website. My extended internet lookup has now been honored with high-quality suggestions to go over with my family members. I ‘d tell you that most of us readers are extremely lucky to live in a perfect place with very many outstanding professionals with very beneficial advice. I feel very much lucky to have come across your entire weblog and look forward to so many more enjoyable minutes reading here. Thanks once again for all the details.

    1. Clear Living says:

      Hi Daniella, thank you for your positive feedback. It great to know how much you have enjoyed our website. All the best.

  7. Samiul says:

    Jabra Elite is the best one. Sound quality is average, would be happy if the sound quality was great. But I will recommend everyone to buy this, cause it worth the price.

  8. Samiul says:

    I highly appreciate your pick. One of my friend using Jabra elite and he was so happy, he told me that this is the headphone he was searching for.

  9. Lorne Bourdo says:

    To all who are even considering Alien headphones, don’t bother. They break too easily and customer service doesn’t respond. I’m furious I have wasted my money! I should have just purchased Apple Airpods to save the headache.
    The magnet in the charging case is too strong for the plastic mold. I have had 3 of these break and all I do is use them at my work computer. Pulling them in and out of the charging unit they came with is breaking them!??! Terrible quality, terrible customer service.

    Their connection is horrible as well. Cuts in and out randomly. Also before they fall apart, if you touch them wrong, they disconnect. Just don’t bother wasting your money.

    I have posted on IndieGoGo for help and someone with Alien responds saying they’ll take care of it if you send an email to customer service. They don’t do crap. They won’t respond and don’t help. DO NOT BUY THESE!

    1. Clear Living says:


      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll consider this in our next update.

  10. Russ Aguilar says:

    I brought my bragi dash pro , it never turned on, I had charged it for more than 5 hrs, fully charger indicators on both was blue, I contacted bragi on line support, the guy told that several units reported similar defetect, Terrible Product and company don’t buy bragi of any kind

  11. oak west says:

    It was a great list, but to be honest, Apple is the best when it comes to wireless earphones no one can touch the sound quality.

  12. Isaac says:

    You forgot the Hearone totally wireless earbuds and the SOL Republic amps air

  13. Muks says:

    Apple ears are my number one, quality sound.

  14. Elijah Erwin says:

    Hi.. Great article, Thanks.
    I just want to add Rowkin to this list. Using one for last few months. Absolutely loving it.

    1. Clear Living says:

      Thanks, Elijah. We will check out the Rowkin!

  15. Jonathan says:

    I’ve had the Jabra Elite sport for quite a long rime now and I have found them to be brilliant they fit comfortably in my ears without any of the attachments needed the only thing that I didn’t like was the fact they are supposed to connect to Bluetooth devices but they won’t connw to my iPod touch or iPad Pro which are both Bluetooth devices.

  16. Tee says:

    The didn’t see the Jaybird Run. Thoughts??

  17. john says:


  18. FF says:

    IQBuds are the bomb

  19. Paul says:

    What about the Jlab Audio Epic Air? One of the newest releases around I think?

    1. Clear Living says:

      We love JLab, but didn’t like the Epic Air as much as their other products. However, they are a more affordable option compared some of the others on the list.

  20. Clint says:

    Have you looked at the nuheara IQ buds. They are awesome. Highly recommend you test them out. You’ll need to make room in the top of you list!!!!

    1. Jerry says:

      Reviews seem to be on par with the Here One with better battery life.
      Thinking it might be smart to wait for the next generation.

      1. David Thrum says:

        Doppler is no longer in business. Most of the others in the list do not have assistance for those with mild to moderate hearing impairment (or no hearing impairment for that matter). I can only assume that whoever compiled this review either did not actually test IQBuds, or did not have any hearing impairment.

  21. Jerry says:

    I’m looking for hearing enhancement. I find myself saying “What?”. Don’t want the expense of hearing aids, so the Here One might be the answer.

    1. Clint says:

      Check out nuheara IQ buds.

  22. Katey726 says:

    Interesting article! Are there really so few that are available on the market? Last I looked it was pretty plentiful. I plan to test out the Rowkin earbuds. Have those been tested? Would love your opinions if so!

    1. Clear Living says:


      You’re right, there’s quite a few, but the advertising for many of the “truly wireless earbuds” is misleading (as most don’t function as stereo earbuds). I don’t believe we’ve tested the Rowkin yet, but they look at lot like the Earin (on our table above). I’ll see what we can do to test the Rowkin in the near future.

  23. Norm says:

    What about Kanoa?

    1. shushant says:

      Kanoa they we’re trying their best and i also want to know which earbud is more suitable for indoor as well as outdoor…. please suggest me the best earbuds..

      1. ric says:

        Kanoa is dead. Closed its doors after a very bad review caused the investors to walk away.

    2. aaron says:

      Kanoa went dark and screwed over all their customers that paid.

    3. KW says:

      Yah I was really excited for the Kanoa earbuds and gave them the benefit of the doubt when there were delays. But they sent out an email recently basically saying they lost funding and shut down production. Too bad, they looked promising.

  24. William says:

    I’d like the 2 to be easily paired and be able to make phone calls so I don’t need a pair to store anything but to work well with my Galaxy S8. It probably wouldn’t do to have stereo noise music etc on in your head for more than 2 hours so if it fits well, that’s long enough playtime probably. The seal on deal is how fast do they charge? Any good fit suggestions with this criteria?

  25. Fiona Chau says:

    I just tested out with my new pair of Nakamichi MyEars True Wireless Earphones( NEP-TW1 ) and I liked it a lot:) Sound quality is always 1# on my list and it is great!

    1. Tom says:

      Where did you buy the Nakamichi’s ? Can’t find a store in the US to buy them…

      1. Tom Speed says:

        I have also a Nakamichi TW1, I bought it in Hongkong.
        At least three times smaller than any of these and the sound quality is awesome.
        I use it in the gym and fits perfect.
        The docking/charging case can charge up my iPhone once as well.
        I had a Jabra before, but this beats it.

  26. Sigurd says:

    The bragi dash has got horrible downsides so if you are looking for something good to use when you workout i would recommend the jabra elite sport. Check it out

  27. Russ says:

    I only have one ear, left. Is there a brand that can run off left ear only for music / tying to iPhone?

    1. Dave Scheff says:

      Yes! Schatzii Bullet, and you can only buy one, not the pair, makes it less expensive!

  28. Brian says:

    What can you say about the Here One from Doppler Labs? They look impressive but I cannot find where they have any GB to hold playlists.

  29. Michael says:

    What about airpods? Surely they must be popular for a reason.

    1. Papapau says:

      Cause it’s Apple? Not a reliable and unbiased reason worth comparing.

  30. XAVIER says:

    So first I bought the Bragi-Dash off Amazon in black and could not get them to properly connect to my iPhone. I trouble-shot it with YouTube and the internet and Amazon technical Support, finally we realized they are defective. They would connect but no sound would come out of them from the phone only from the Dash voice prompts. So I returned and replaced them with a white pair from Brookstone.com. That pair connected and I could listen to music. One problem though the right ear bud speaker was defective and sounded like a blown speaker sounds. I reset them, re connected, updated the firmware, everything and so it obviously was defective / bad. Well that’s two for two that are bad. So far Incall this poor quality management in the manufacturing or just a poor / low quality design. I’m waiting for pair number three. Giving it one last shot. If anything is wrong with these I’m moving on to the Jabra.

    As far a support goes, trying to get customer service or technical support from Bragi is like trying to find the elusive Chupacabra or the Sasquatch. Maybe not impossible but damn near impossible. Their customer service is HORRIBLE!! Terrible! The worst of the worst of the worst. I get better customer service from Chinese companies selling cheap products. They are truly horrible!! No phone support and they replied to my email after four attempts. I wrote back and NEVER heard from them again. The worst, of the worst of the worst!! I’m thinking of just retuning pair three and buying from a company that can provide support if needed. Who sells a technology based product with ZERO support? Terrible company.

    1. Xavier says:

      Looks like the three top ones out there are Skybuds, the Jabra Elite Aport and the Bragi Dash. Tearing the Jabra-Sound now for the weekend.

    2. JACK ROSS says:

      You are so right, I have had the worst time with Dash. Left ear piece goes out and try to get it replaced. I have had two sets now go bad in just a 6 month period. Customer care is non existent. I am so pissed off with the fact you can’t call them and email is at a snails pace. I do not recommend this product at all. Paid a bundle for the Dash now I will throw them away. Worthless!

  31. Holden says:

    Dopler Labs Here Ones are really awesome. They’re not just wireless earbuds, they let you hear the world around you even while you have music, video content etc playing on your phone. They were just released recently so I’m not surprised they’re not on this list, however I watched a Youtube review of the Dash and was told that the sound quality was terrible, very muffled. The only real drawback with the Here Ones is battery life; if I’m streaming music I only get two hours, but I have high hopes the company will make future improvements either through software tweaking or in the next generation Here ones when and if they build them.

  32. Luis Martinez says:

    Bragi dash we’re terrible for me even after latest update connectivity like you mentioned was terrible outside and bad even when i had my phone in my pocket going to try the jabra elite havent really seen any bad reviews about them

    1. Richard Ramsey II says:

      I had a pair of the Jabra Elite Sport, the sound was great & the bluetooth connection was effortless but they were so uncomfortable I took them back. I tried every option in the box & they quite literally caused me pain but I have small ears so might be a better fit for someone else.

      1. Lindsey Banks, Au.D. says:

        You may want to try the Here Ones. I have small ears and they were very comfortable.

        1. Scott says:

          Here one is closed.

      2. Lee Zaretsky says:

        Have to agree with this review. I really wanted to like Jabra Elite Sport, and the sound quality was decent. Good selection of ear pieces provided, but after trying them all I needed to return the product. Very painful to wear for more than 30 minutes.

      3. Chas says:

        Yeah, I had trouble at first even figuring out how to put them in, but, once i figured it out, it has been a breeze. Practice practice practice.

      4. Peggy says:

        I am trying so hard to get used to the fix of the Jabra Elite Sport. My husband has a pair and loves them. I wanted to take them back because they are so uncomfortable but he talked me into giving them a chance. It has been about a month and a half, and I just cant take it any more. Either they fall I because I don’t have them shoved in my ear as far as they will go, or they are extremely painful the whole time I am wearing them and I cringe when I have to take them out because my ears hurt so bad. Not sure these are the best earbuds for women. I am giving them to my son, hope he has better luck. On this site looking for suggestions on something a lot like the Jabra Elite Sport without the pain.

        1. Clear Living says:

          Hi Peggy. You likely have smaller ear canals and the Jabras are too tight. I would recommend you check out the custom-made Bragi Dash Pro Tailored option. The customization will be for your ears so they should be much more comfortable. https://www.bragi.com/thedashpro/customize/

  33. David Ortega says:

    Which ones do yo recomend/use? I need one to swimm and run.

  34. matt says:

    Well i am searching for a pair of wireless earbuds to take them with me to the gym or when i go out running and from what i’ve read in this article the The Dash by Bragi are my best choice. Thanks

  35. mike says:

    Well, I dont know what your criteria was for choosing the best, but mine is first and foremost, uniterrupted connection, next would be sound quality, playback time, then charging case…with the Bragi Dash, I had a very hard time getting good sound quality, mostly because of the ear buds, but my biggest disappointment was conectivity, they were fine indoors, but out doors in open space when hiking, the connection was not good, to the point where I almost chucked them (then I remembered what i paid for them) my 3rd dislike, is the bulkiness, weight and standby time of the charging case, 1st two self explanitory, I don’t use them every day, but it seem like every time I went to use them, the case was completly dis-charged, (about 4 days)…I have since tried many others, they all have some good points, not one has all the good points in one package yet.

    1. Brian says:

      What ones are you using now?

    2. David Ortega says:

      Anda which onespena do yo sugestivo? I’me looking forma inesperada to swimm anda run. Thanjs!

  36. Tom says:

    Don’t forget about the Samsung Gear IconX

    1. Clear Living says:

      Thanks Tom, we actually had covered these on our hearables article, so can’t believe we left them off here.

    2. Chas says:

      The samsung iconx are horrible. No charging case, loses connectivity all the time and charge only lasts an hour or less. If you charge them fully and don’t use them, the charge disappears within a few days. Weak. Weak weak. Jabras Rule.

      1. Oleg Pechnikov says:

        Not true. They come with charging case. They have 4GB internal memory. Battery last for at least 5 hours. I never had problem with connectivity.

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