5 Beautiful Reactions Of People Hearing For The First Time

Hearing Sound for First Time

Often times we take for granted the ability to do basic things each and everyday. Since only 1% of the population has profound hearing loss we forget just how beautiful it it can be to hear for the very first time.

We've found 5 beautiful reactions of people hearing for the first time captured on video. While we love them all we can't help but truly adore the reaction and expression of the young boy in the fourth video below.

As you see these videos we hope they will serve as a reminder how precious certain aspects of life are.

(You may notice that in most of the videos below cochlear implant technology is used. If you want more information you can read more about cochlear implants.)

Born deaf, 29 year old Sarah Churman was able to hear for the first time with the help of The Esteem Implant by Envoy Medical. Since then Sarah has gone on to publish a book about her experiences going from a life without hearing to a new world of sound, called “Powered On”, which you can read more about here.

After losing her hearing at the age of 2, this young woman reacts to hearing after cochlear implant surgery is successful.

At the age of 30, Dawn was diagnosed with profound hearing loss and speech recognition. Recently featured on the popular show The Doctors, Dawn was able to regain hearing via a cochlear implant. She was able to hear her 8 year old son's voice for the very first time.

Three year old, Grayson Clamp is able to hear his father's voice for the first time after receiving an auditory branstem implant. His expression is absolutely priceless.

Amy Barber, age 26, hears her family for the very first time after successful cochlear implant surgery.

We wish all these beautiful people the best as they experience a new world.

Lindsey Banks

Lindsey Banks


Lindsey Banks is a graduate of the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) program at the University of Florida. She uses her diverse experience in hearing healthcare and her passion for helping people to provide credible information to those with hearing loss who visit Clear Living.


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