Starkey Hearing Aids Reviews – Overview and Prices

There’s nothing better than the American free market. While almost all of the world’s biggest hearing aid companies come from Europe, there’s one brave American company willing to throw its hat into the ring. Starkey, founded in 1967, has risen through the ranks to become a member of the “Big Six” – the six largest hearing aid companies in the world.

Here we’ll be looking at the latest and greatest of Starkey hearing aids models, dissecting their prices, features, and anything else of note.

Hearing aid pricing is kept close to the chest by most manufacturers, however, we've done our best in this article to estimate the costs for you. We’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but really, the only way to hear all about these hearing aids is from a professional. Book a free consultation with a hearing specialist near you to learn even more about Starkey hearing aids.

Major Starkey models

You can flip through the complete Starkey hearing aid catalog, but here we’ll be looking at the cream of the company’s crop. Before we start, however, there are some things you should know:

  • Our estimated prices are based on a single hearing aid, not a pair
  • Additional costs, like tunings and checkups, may be bundled with your hearing aid package

Starkey hearing aid costs

ModelProjected Cost
Starkey Livio AI 2400$3,500
Starkey Picasso i2400$2,400
Starkey Muse i2400$2,000

Disclaimer: The prices listed above are estimates based on numerous online sources. These prices may vary, and should only be used as rough guidelines.

While we’re looking at Starkey’s best-of-the-best – meaning these will all be a bit pricier – the average Starkey model is slightly cheaper than most other products on the market.

Starkey Livio AI 2400

Starkey Livio hearing aid

Great for active lifestylesNot ideal for less tech-savvy individuals
Livio AI system

It can also deliver quality sound in any environment, like wind or loud concerts, which means the user won’t have to make concessions based on their lifestyle. It also has smartphone connectivity, and quite a beefy battery life.

With one review claiming it to be “perhaps the most advanced hearing aid ever built by any manufacturer,” the Livio AI 2400 is clearly turning heads. The hearing aid’s biggest draw is its Livio AI system, which is a supposedly revolutionary technology that uses 3D sensors to track all sorts of activity throughout the day.

It can track the user’s steps and heart rate, notify an emergency contact if the user falls, and even detect certain gestures that can control the hearing aid’s settings. Most impressively, it can translate 27 languages in real time!

As you can imagine, the Livio AI 2400 is expensive. Coming in at around $3,500, it’s definitely a hearing aid for an experienced user looking to take the next step in their hearing journey.

Starkey Picasso i2400

Starkey Picasso hearing aid

Great for active lifestylesNot too many features
Potentially invisible

The Picasso is a less powerful in-ear version of the Livio. It carries the same sound quality as its flashier rival, allowing for an equally active lifestyle. It also comes with the same connective capabilities, as well as a battery that can potentially last for two weeks!

While it doesn’t have all the amazing tricks that the Livio AI brings, it makes up for that with its near invisibility. It’s made to fit individual ear canals, and small enough that it’s as good as undetectable once it’s being worn.

If unobtrusive listening is your goal, Picasso would be a solid pick. Its price point is around $2,400, which is fairly average when it comes to hearing aids.

Starkey Muse i2400

Starkey Muse hearing aid

Good baseline featuresMinimal extras

If a nice, simple, meat ‘n’ potatoes hearing aid is what you’re after, the Starkey Muse is a solid bet. It carries all the features you would need from a hearing aid, but maybe not everything you’d want from a hearing aid.

It minimizes feedback, resists foreign contaminants, connects to smart devices, and offers overall great sound quality, for music and speech alike. It just doesn’t do much beyond that. There have also been some complaints about comfort, but as long as you get it professionally fit, there shouldn’t be any problems.

In terms of price, the Muse is a bit more merciful on your wallet, costing around $2,000.

Book your free hearing consultation today

Speak to a qualified hearing specialist and discuss hearing aid options tailored specifically for you. We recommend that you get professional advice before considering one of the hearing aids listed above.

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Starkey hearing aids overall

Starkey is a very accessible brand. With the exception of the latest Livio AI, they’re all pretty simple devices that put the hearing of their customers above the number of gimmicks they can tack on to their products.

If you have any more questions about Starkey hearing aids, or hearing aids in general, you would benefit from seeing a hearing healthcare professional. If you follow this link, you’ll be able to fill out a form that will direct you to a free consultation with a nearby hearing healthcare professional. Happy hearing!

Duncan Lambden

Duncan Lambden


Duncan is an Australian-born American-raised creative writer with a passion for healthy ears. He continues to build upon his audiology qualifications with research and various courses. Duncan has been working alongside Florida-based audiologist Lindsey Banks, Au.D., to make sure that Clear Living has the most up-to-date content.


  1. James Corliss says:

    + I have Model RIC 312. While I was replacing the rubber tip on the earbud I pulled it apart. Do I need to send it in to be repaired? The place where I purchased it in Norton shores, Michigan is out of business or has moved. Is there a place to take it near me?
    Hart, Michigan 49420

    1. Lindsey Banks says:

      You should be able to use this website to find a location near you that can fix Starkey hearing aids:
      If it is just the rubber tip that came off, that can easily be replaced without having to send it into Starkey for repair.

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