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Due to hearing aids seeming like a fairly new technology, you may be surprised to hear that the oldest hearing aid company, previously under the name Siemens (yes, that Siemens) and now known as Signia, goes back to 1878.

Since then, it’s had a decent amount of time to create and perfect, leading them to become one of the most reputable hearing aid manufacturers, and a proud member of “the Big Six,” the six largest hearing aid companies in the world.

In this article, we’ll look at Signia’s best models, and discuss features and pricing. Our more comprehensive guide to hearing aid costs compares pricing across all the top brands.

Just like all hearing aid manufacturers, Signia is reluctant to release concrete numbers on their prices. We’ve tried to find ways of estimating these prices by looking online, but take them with a grain of salt. To be sure about the prices behind these products, book a free consultation with a hearing specialist near you to learn more about Signia hearing aids.

Major Signia hearing aid models

All of Signia’s hearing aids are listed on its website here, however we’re only going to discuss the very best of the bunch. But there are a few things to keep in mind as we do:

  • Prices reference the cost of one hearing aid, not a pair
  • Your hearing care provider may bundle additional costs into your purchase

We’d recommend a quick browse of Signia’s website, as it has some impressive artwork to represent the hearing aids, shown in this video.

Signia costs

ModelProjected Cost
Styletto Connect$2,200
Pure Charge&Go$2,250
Motion Charge&Go Nx$3,000

Disclaimer: The prices listed above are estimates based on numerous online sources. These prices may vary, and should only be used as rough guidelines.

Despite their “Big Six” reputation, Signia still generally manages to sell at a reasonable price. It won’t save you hundreds, but it won’t make an irreparable dent in your wallet, either.

Styletto Connect

Signia Connect hearing aids

Subtle and stylishShorter battery life
Great sound qualitySpotty Bluetooth

Championed by Manuel Cortez, German-Portugese actor, director, and photographer, the Styletto Connect is Signia’s attempt a stylish hearing aid for those on the go. The discreet and fitted form means that, even though it’s an exterior hearing aid, it will blend right in with even the most stylish appearance.

And what’s more stylish than the most recent tech? The Styletto comes packed with some handy gadgets to make the user’s life easier. It is Bluetooth-capable, comes with a wireless charging case, and suitably amplifies the user’s voice to prevent the unsettling sensation of being able to clearly hear your own voice.

Any recorded complaints are in reference to the shorter battery life (offset by the portable charger) and the sometimes spotty Bluetooth connection.

Looking at price, we’ve found that it’s slightly below average at around $2,200.

Pure Charge&Go

Signia charge&go hearing aids

Wireless charger"Boring" design
OVP (discussed below)

Where the Styletto is stylish, the Charge&Go is hidden and discreet. When it comes to this model, as the name might imply, convenience is the utmost priority.

As is standard with most hearing aids nowadays, it has Bluetooth and app compatibility. However, its most unique feature is its wireless charging capabilities. It’s packaged with an inductive charger, meaning that the user can simply drop it onto a small platform overnight and not have to worry about plugging in any wires.

It also proudly boasts OVP, which stands for “own voice processing.” One of the biggest complaints that first-time hearing aid users have about their experience is that the sound of their own voice is grating and unnatural. This is why OVP is a bigger boon than it sounds like, and is an especially important inclusion if the buyer is a first-time user.

The one complaint we found was in regard to the model’s uninteresting design, which sounds like exactly what you’d want if you wanted a product that blended in.

It’s similarly priced to the Styletto Connect, seeming to come in at around $2,250.

Motion Charge&Go Nx

Signia charge&go nx hearing aids

Has all previous hearing aids' featuresExpensive

Doesn’t that name just roll off the tongue? The Motion Charge&Go Nx is fairly similar to the Pure Charge&Go, but is a bit more advanced.

Much like the aforementioned models, the Nx (what we’ll be calling it now) is comfortable and discreet, and also comes with a wireless charger like the first Charge&Go. It also boasts OVP and a wide range of connectivity options.

There doesn't seem to be any major differences between the Nx and the Pure, so we can assume that the Nx’s sound quality has the edge. Since the Nx’s price is significantly steeper – being documented to be around $3,000 – it’s a safe assumption to make.

Speak to a qualified hearing specialist and discuss hearing aid options tailored specifically for you. We recommend that you get professional advice before considering one of the hearing aids listed above.

Signia hearing aids overall

Signia is a member of the audiology old guard. In all its years it’s accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to creating hearing aid products.

Even so, no company is perfect, and decisions should be thought through before such a large investment is made. To make the most educated decision you can, use our form to have a free consultation with a hearing healthcare professional to discuss hearing aid options.

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