Eargo: The Next Generation Hearing Aid?

What do fly fishing and hearing aids have in common?

Nothing…until Dr. Florent Michel, an ENT surgeon, set out to reinvent the hearing aid using inspiration from a fishing fly.

Once inspiration struck, the company Eargo was born in 2010 and has been working under the radar until now to build a hearing aid that can solve the problems of traditional hearing aids: comfort, natural sound quality, invisibility, and rechargeability.

Dr. Michel set out to offer a hearing device that is “…easy to try, easy to buy, and easy to use.”

What Makes Eargo Different From Other Hearing Aids?

The patented medical-grade flexi fibers, modeled from the feathers of a fishing fly, suspend Eargo in the ear canal, allowing for the potential of improved comfort and breathability.

The suspended fibers also allow low frequency sounds to enter the ear canal naturally, while the high frequency sounds are amplified for improved speech clarity with a natural sound quality.

This could make Eargo the first successful “invisible” open-fit hearing aid solution.

While there are some rechargeable hearing aids on the market, they sacrifice size for rechargability, making those who want a discreet hearing solution turn away. Eargo is unique in that it offers both a small, virtually invisible device, that is also rechargeable.

How Eargo Works

How does Eargo work?

Eargo is designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Eargo can be ordered online from the Eargo website or by phone (see disclaimer below).

You choose between two size options: Size 12 or 15 and they are ready to wear right out of the box.

The cost of a pair of Eargo is $1,980.00 or via financing at $96/month.

You can choose whether you want standard programming (includes 4 sound profiles) or custom programming based on your audiogram. Custom programming is an additional $500.

Eargo comes in a pair along with a charging device and ear cleaners.

Once you receive your Eargo devices in the mail, you will be given instructions on how to clean your ears and insert the devices. Programming of the devices is done prior to shipping.

You will have 4 sound profiles to choose from. Profiles can be changed by tapping on the side of the ear.

Eargo comes with a 60-Day money-back guarantee and a 12-month limited repair warranty.

Eargo cannot get wet and must be removed for showering or swimming.

The Eargo charge is said to last for one day and should be removed and charged nightly.

Things to Consider

Disclaimer: Eargo is only available for shipping directly to the customer in some states due to direct-to-consumer hearing aid sales state laws prohibiting this method of delivery. With the fact that Eargo is considered a “direct-to-consumer” hearing aid, many red flags will be raised by hearing healthcare professionals who believe that hearing aids should only be “prescribed” face-to-face by a licensed professional. The stance of many hearing healthcare professionals is that hearing aids purchased without the involvement of a licensed hearing healthcare professional do not adequately meet the needs of the person with hearing loss and that there is the potential for a serious medical condition to go undetected. The FDA does not restrict the online sale of hearing aids, but they do “restrict the sale of hearing aids to those individuals who have obtained a medical evaluation from a licensed physician.” However, a fully informed adult can sign a medical waiver declining this medical evaluation prior to the purchase of hearing aids, but is strongly discouraged by the FDA. Eargo requires acceptance of this medical waiver prior to purchasing the device from their website.

Direct-to-consumer hearing aid proponents argue that the hearing aid market penetration is very low based on current technology and service models. Much of that has to do with the stigma of hearing aids, as well as their high cost (the average cost of a pair of hearing aids is $4200).

Eargo offers a solution by creating a more affordable hearing aid that may be of interest to even the younger Millennial generation, as well as Generation X and active Baby Boomers.

Eargo has also hinted at the future of bluetooth capability which could launch Eargo from a hearing aid into the new subset of “hearable” devices.

Clear Living Recommendation

We have not yet had the opportunity to try Eargo for ourselves and cannot comment on the claims Eargo makes regarding comfort and function of the device.

As an Audiologist, I recognize the importance of undergoing a comprehensive hearing evaluation by a hearing healthcare professional prior to using any hearing enhanced device. Not only will a hearing evaluation indicate the type and severity of your hearing loss, but it will also determine whether there is any underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed prior to the use of hearing aids. Therefore, the recommendation of Clear Living is to have a hearing evaluation completed by a licensed hearing healthcare professional prior to ordering Eargo.

Eargo offers customized programming of the device via their team of hearing healthcare professionals prior to shipping. In the interest of achieving better audibility and sound quality, Clear Living recommends opting for this customization when ordering Eargo (see disclaimer below).

Disclaimer: The exact custom programming method of Eargo has not yet been shared with Clear Living and we are unable to comment on the actual performance of the customized programming. If we receive additional information, this page will be updated to reflect that information.

Lindsey Banks

Lindsey Banks


Lindsey Banks is a graduate of the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) program at the University of Florida. She uses her diverse experience in hearing healthcare and her passion for helping people to provide credible information to those with hearing loss who visit Clear Living.


  1. john says:

    I replaced my Eargo aids replaced at least 4 times and the charger twice. I paid approximately $2000 and now they are out of warranty. Eargo wants me to pay $1500 for a new set. I explained I have a confidence problem and to pay them again would not make sense. Do your research, look at the reviews and decide if you think your money is well spent here. They would be great if they worked but they don’t. They do get very uncomfortable over extended periods of time. They are unnoticeable.

  2. Bob S says:

    what is duration life on batteries, and once they are gone are replacements available

  3. Joanna Surettte says:

    Can they help with tinnitis due to low hearing loss, mild?

    1. Clear Living says:

      They are not designed specifically for tinnitus but they may be helpful to reduce tinnitus due to management of the mild hearing loss.

  4. Ricardo says:

    Ricardo Combariza
    I would like to try them need a pair

    1. Ricardo says:

      I do have a pair hearing aids but not satisfied ,need to change batteries almost twice at day , also the problem with repairs ; I have problem with the batterie wire Connector to the earplug brakes very easy and get charge every time $125.00 It is been done 3 times
      This is why I would like to change the type.

    2. Eargo Hearing says:

      Hello Ricardo,

      We suggest new-to-Eargo clients try our free sample kit to get an understanding of the fit and feel of our devices. After requesting, you’ll receive a call from one of our hearing health professionals to discuss your personal level of hearing loss, as Eargo was designed for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. If Eargo is able to help enhance your hearing, our team of licensed hearing health professionals will help you understand the device’s adjustable, preset settings. Get yours today at try.eargo.com.

      By the way, our devices are rechargeable, similar to many modern technological devices. We designed Eargo with rechargeable batteries that last all day. You’ll no longer have the hassle of having to fuss with those tiny batteries again. Plus, in addition to your sanity, you’ll save over $200 a year by not having to buy disposable batteries.

      Any questions? We’re all ears at 1-800-481-1302.

  5. Daniel Blankenship says:


    1. Clear Living says:

      Daniel, unfortunately you can’t purchase Eargo directly from us. I recommend reaching out to them via their website. Thanks.

    2. Eargo Hearing says:

      Eargo is committed to making hearing health more affordable, which is why we recently released our financing options from $93 a month. Learn more at shop.eargo.com. We also suggest checking with your insurance provider to see if your plan offers any coverage for hearing aids (if it does, our audiologists are happy to complete a superbill for you). Our team of licensed hearing health professionals are available at 800-481-1302 should you have any questions.

  6. George Watson says:

    are you selling in Kansas yet? I want a pair to try on before I buy.

    1. Lindsey Banks, Au.D. says:

      George, shoot Eargo an email here: https://eargo.com/company/about-us#contact-us

      I’m sure they can answer location specific questions better than we can.

      1. Eargo Hearing says:

        We don’t have brick and mortar stores, just click and order at shop.eargo.com or by phone at 1-800-481-1302 (we’re all ears!). We’re available in all 50 states. Cutting out the middle men helps make our device more affordable.

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