10 Best Hearing Aid Clips and Accessories

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Fear of losing your hearing aids can be stressful and can lead people to either not wear their hearing devices at all, or disengage from an activity that they enjoy to avoid losing their devices.

This is true for any age, from babies to seniors who wear hearing aids:

  • Parents who have babies and children with hearing aids find it very frustrating to keep the devices on their children's ears, especially when they are being active, which is almost all waking hours.
  • Adults who enjoy activities such as biking, running, tennis, or other sports, decide that they must leave their hearing aids at home, or no longer participate in the activity.
  • Seniors who live in assisted living facilities or are in and out of rehab centers stop wearing their hearing aids in fear they will be lost in the facility.

Hearing aids are meant to be worn all day and improve quality of life, not hinder it.

Just because you wear hearing aids, does not mean that you can't live an active lifestyle, or have to live in fear that the devices will be lost.

There are many accessories available to help keep hearing aids on the ears. One way might not be the best way for everyone, so it is important that you experiment with a few and see which one works best. Hearing aid retention clips, straps, and bands can attach hearing aids to your clothing, glasses, hair, or each other to prevent them from being lost, or broken.

Upgrading your hearing aid is easier than you may think. Book a free hearing consultation today with a qualified hearing professional.

Best hearing aid clips for babies

While babies aren't as active as toddlers, the challenge with keeping hearing aids on their ears is the fact that their ears are so small and they are being moved from car seat to stroller to crib to changing table.

Our number 1 pick for babies are the Ear Suspenders

ear suspender on a baby

Silicone lined hearing aid and cochlear implant grips and headband allows for a comfortable and adjustable fit.

  • Type of retention: Silicone headband
  • Colors: 13 options
  • Compatibility: RIC, BTE, or cohlear implants
  • Who are they for: Babies and toddlers
  • Read more about Ear Suspenders

Hearing aid clips for toddlers

Once babies become toddlers they are very active and hearing aids can easily come off at this stage. Not only that, but many toddlers think that grabbing their hearing aids (or anything within reach) and throwing it across the room is a really fun game.

Our number 1 pick for toddlers are the Kids Clips

adco kids bte hearing aid clips

In addition to safely keeping your child's hearing aids in place, you can add some fun and personality to their devices by letting them choose which character to use.

  • Type of retention: Cord with clip attachment
  • Colors: Critter, dino, or sea clip characters available
  • Compatibility: BTE models
  • Best for: Babies and toddlers
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An alternative option for kids clips is from thebebopshop. Get anything from princesses to superheros to cartoon characters on your clips.

Hearing aid clips for school-age children

It can be a challenge to get school-aged children to want to wear their hearing aids. One way to motivate young children to wear their hearing devices is to make it fun to wear them using hearing aid decorations. Another challenge is that the level of activity for school-aged children is usually very high, so finding a hearing aid clip that's going to stand the test of sports and dance classes can be a challenge.

Our number 1 pick for school children are Ear Gear


how to attach the ear gear clip

Water resistant spandex nylon sleeves that protect hearing aids from dirt, sweat, and moisture, but also have a corded option that prevent hearing aid loss for all types of models. Also includes an eye glass attachment option.

  • Type of retention: Cord with clip attachment, glasses option
  • Colors: 8 options
  • Compatibility: Compatible with RIC, BTE, Cochlear Implant, Baha and ITE models
  • Best for: All ages
  • Read more about Ear Gear

Hearing aid clips for adults

Adult hearing aid wearers are now making the choice to wear hearing aids, but they may feel like they need to leave their hearing aids at home when they're being active for fear of losing them outside or at the gym. In order to stay active, a hearing aid clip is a good idea to prevent losing your hearing devices.

Please note that while some of the images below may show children or teenagers in the picture, the products are also suitable for adults. Due to copyright, we did not have access to any other images for this article.

Our number 1 pick for adults are SafeNSound Strapz


Attaches hearing aids or cochlear implants together without attaching to clothing.

  • Type of retention: Behind-the-head strap attaching devices together
  • Colors: 6 options
  • Compatibility: RIC, BTE, or cohlear implants
  • Who are they for: All ages
  • Read more about SafeNSound Strapz

Hearing aid clips for seniors

Many senior living residents wear (or need) hearing aids and it can be difficult for the staff to keep track of everyone's devices. These devices are often lost in the facility and can cause a lot of conflict between the residents/families and the caregivers.

Our number 1 pick for seniors are the Otoclips

otoclips in various colors

A cost-effective solution for preventing the loss of your hearing aids by connecting a cord from your hearing aids to the wearer's clothing. Designed for both monaural or binaural hearing aids.

  • Type of retention: Cord with clip attachment, glasses options
  • Colors: Clear or colored options available
  • Compatibility: Compatible with RIC, BTE, and ITE models
  • Best for: All ages
  • Read more about Otoclips

Hearing aid clips for glasses

For those people that wear hearing aids and glasses, it can be a struggle to keep track of everything. The way to do this best is to attach the eyeglasses and the hearing aids together. Not only does it keep them more secure, but it reduces the chance of them being lost.

Our number 1 pick for keeping hearing aids attached to glasses are SafeNSound Duo



A one size fits all way to attach hearing aids and eyeglasses together

  • Type of retention: Eyeglass attachment
  • Colors: Black
  • Compatibility: RIC, BTE, or cohlear implants
  • Best for: All ages with glasses
  • Read more SafeNSound Duo

Some other hearing aid retention options

Another way to keep hearing aids on tiny ears is with wig or surgical tape. These tapes are designed for use on skin, making them the best choice for keeping hearing aids behind the ears. Attach one side of the tape to the inside of the behind-the-ear hearing aid, and the other side will attach behind the ear, keeping it in place all day in the midst of heavy activity.

  • Wig tape.
  • Surgical tape – 3M Surgical tape is latex free and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin and gentle on the skin for elderly patients.

Hearing device decorations

We've also written a lot about some of the best options for hearing device decorations. While, all the options on this list aren't retention devices, you may find a few work better for your specific situation. Check out our list here.

Upgrading your hearing aid is easier than you may think. Book a free hearing consultation today with a qualified hearing professional.

A few final thoughts

Keep in mind that your audiologist may have some sample clips to try and is a good person to talk to about your needs with hearing aid retention.

Also, if you have one of the new made for iPhone hearing aids, you can utilize the app feature that will help you to find your hearing aids if they do become lost. The “find my hearing aid” feature of these devices will allow you to see your hearing aids on a map to locate where you lost them.

There are many options available to give you peace of mind about losing your hearing aids. Don't worry!

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  • David Witter
    I am looking for something that will stop my Resound BTE hearing aid from coming off the horn/ tube connector, also the trap door drops open.
  • ken
    There appears to be a lack of information on methods used to secure expensive hearing aids. Almost everything seen is meant to retain hearing aids in a very inactive person. At times, one tends to believe that the whole industry is based on how to extract the most $$$$'s from people rather than provide a reasonable cost of services or products provided. Cynical maybe, but that has been my experience.
    • Lindsey Banks
      The accessories listed in this article are very effective for securing hearing aids. Kids are typically very active and they work great for them too!
  • Dsp associates
    I have an invention that attaches the hearing aid to any eyeglass frames This device is sold in Amazon under Easyretainer -hearing aid retainer for eye glass users They are sold for $15.99 for a pair Hand made with soft fabric
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  • Kristy Schumacher
    Suggestions for adding oxygen tubing to the mix? My grandpa is struggling with keeping his glasses, hearing aid and 24/7 oxygen staying on now. The oxygen is also causing sores on his ears which the foam padding and vaseline didn’t help with. We’re open to suggestions!
    • Clear Living
      It can be challenging to add an oxygen tube to the mix with hearing aids and glasses. You could try using some double-sided wig tape behind his ear to attach the hearing aids or oxygen tube to. Attach the wig tape with the oxygen tube a little above the ear so that the tube is not pressing down on his ear.