5 Best Hearing Aids for Moderate Hearing Loss 2020

An estimated 10.7 million people in the United States have a moderate hearing loss, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health. Even though mild hearing loss is more common, a moderate hearing loss is the most common for people over the age of 80.

the hearing range of a person with moderate hearing loss

There is very little a person can do to hide a moderate hearing loss. Without the use of hearing aids, they will need the TV turned much louder, people to speak louder and face them in order to understand what is being said without having to ask them to repeat. A person with moderate hearing loss is usually aware of their hearing impairment and hopefully takes action to get help.

For most people with a moderate hearing loss, hearing aids are the best course of treatment. Hearing aids will make sounds louder and clearer for the person with mild hearing loss and should be used on a daily basis to help in all situations, from watching TV to lunch out with friends, to business meetings, church or the theater.

We are going to break down which hearing aids are the best for moderate hearing loss, why we believe they are the best, and some other things you should take into consideration if you have a moderate hearing loss.

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The Number 1 Hearing Aid: Oticon Opn

oticon opn hearing aids

Our top pick for the best hearing aid for moderate hearing loss is the Oticon Opn.

We picked the Oticon Opn for several reasons:

  • The Opn sounds very natural due to the fast processing speed of Oticon's Velox chip and Oticon's BrainHearing technology.
  • The Opn gives the listener access to speech sounds all around them so they can interact with their environment seamlessly and without disturbing noise.
  • The small miniRITE and miniRITE-T styles with 312 battery are discreet but functional.
  • It is available with either a disposable 312 zinc-air battery option, or a rechargeable battery option.
  • It is a Made for iPhone hearing aid which means it connects and streams phone calls and other audio direct from iPhone, iPad, iPod devices without the need for an additional accessory.
  • Every Opn features a dual wireless system which means you don't sacrifice speed of ear to ear processing to get Bluetooth connectivity. This is extremely important for better speech understanding in noise.
  • It is the only internet-connected hearing aid available through the If This Then That network.

The Runner-Up: Phonak Audeo Marvel

phonak audeo marvel hearing aids in various colors

Our runner-up for the best hearing aid for moderate hearing loss is the Phonak Audeo Marvel for several reasons:

  • There are several style and battery options available, from a 312 RIC to a lithium-ion rechargeable battery RIC option, as well as disposable and rechargeable battery options which includes a telecoil coming soon.
  • The Audeo Marvel gives you direct wireless streaming to both ears no matter what bluetooth cell phone you own, as well as streaming from other bluetooth devices like TVs and computers.
  • The Audeo Marvel is on Phonak’s newest AutoSense OS 3.0 platform for better sound processing in noise and while streaming.

What is moderate hearing loss?

A moderate hearing loss describes the severity of hearing loss in which a person has difficult hearing normal conversation, especially in background noise. A moderate hearing loss is defined by having thresholds in the 41 to 70 dB range. Some people break down a moderate loss into just moderate and moderately-severe. If this is the classification used, typically a moderate hearing loss will be defined as hearing thresholds in the 41 to 55 dB range, and a moderately-severe hearing loss will be defines as hearing thresholds in the 56 to 70 dB range.

People with moderate hearing loss can benefit from wearing hearing aids, and may also need additional assistive listening or alerting devices. Some things your hearing healthcare provider should ask you when choosing a hearing aid are:

  • What situations do you have the most difficulty hearing in?
  • What other technology do you use on a consistent basis, i.e. smartphones, iPads, TV etc?
  • What is most important to you when it comes to wearing hearing aids?

The unique needs of the person with moderate hearing loss must be addressed with the hearing aids.

Speak to a qualified hearing specialist and discuss hearing aid options tailored specifically for you.

What makes a good hearing aid for moderate hearing loss?

A hearing aid best suited for someone with a moderate hearing loss must provide sufficient amplification without feedback, a comfortable fit, clear and natural sound quality, as well as the ability to connect to other bluetooth and non-bluetooth devices such as smartphones, loop systems, and televisions.

Hearing aids for moderate hearing loss is usually the simplest to fit because the wearer can easily perceive the benefit they get from the hearing aid, unlike with a mild hearing loss, and there are many hearing aid options and styles that can accommodate moderate hearing loss.

Because the wearer is not limited in which style they can wear (i.e. RIC, BTE, ITE or IIC) the biggest challenge may be helping the patient decide which style they will be most satisfied with. Sometimes more options are too many and it will be up to the audiologist to point out the benefits and disadvantages of each style option.

Hearing loss is serious. If you would like to consult a hearing specialist in your area, you can use our online tool for free.

Top 5 hearing aids for moderate hearing loss

1 - Oticon Opn


Available in three performance levels, the Oticon Opn gives wearers an open sound experience that is more natural, with less disturbing noise, and more smart connectivity.

  • Performance levels – Opn1, Opn2, Opn3
  • Style – RIC with or without telecoil, Power BTE, all custom models including invisible-in-canal (IIC)
  • Battery – 312 disposable or 312 ZPower rechargeable with RIC style, size 10, 312, or 13 with other styles
  • IP Rating – IP68
  • Telecoil – Yes, available in miniRITE-T, BTE, and ITE and ITC custom styles, all performance levels
  • FM compatibility – Remote mic option with Connectclip accessory
  • Standard phone compatibility – Auto-phone feature available in all performance levels
  • Wireless compatibility “Smart” technology – TV streaming available with adapter, Made for iPhone, internet-connected

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2 – Phonak Audeo Marvel


The Audeo M line of hearing aids, available in 4 performance levels, provide rich, clear sound quality in live conversations and while streaming calls and audio from multiple sources.

  • Performance levels – Premium M90, Advanced M70, Standard M50, and Essential M30
  • Style – RIC
  • Battery – 10, 312, or 13 disposable, rechargeable option available
  • IP Rating – IP68
  • Telecoil – Yes, available in 312T, 13T and RT styles, all performance levels
  • FM compatibility – Coming soon with built-in Roger compatibility
  • Standard phone compatibility – DuoPhone feature available as well as binaural streaming from bluetooth phones
  • Wireless compatibility “Smart” technology – Yes, wirelessly connects to all bluetooth cell phones without an additional accessory, as well as other non-bluetooth devices using the TV Connector accessory.

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3 – Widex Beyond


The Widex Beyong is a hearing aid with direct connectivity and a clean sound for even the tough listening environments.

  • Performance levels – 440, 330, 220
  • Style – RIC
  • Battery – 312 disposable
  • IP Rating – IP68
  • Telecoil – Yes, in all performance levels
  • FM compatibility – With Dex accessory, remote mic option available
  • Standard phone compatibility – No specific program, DEX accessory available for phone streaming
  • Wireless compatibility “Smart” technology – Made for iPhone with 2.4 GHz, TV, phone streaming available with Dex adapter

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4 – ReSound LiNX 3D


A smart hearing aid with Surround Sound technology.

  • Performance levels – Premium plus LiNX Quattro, as well as LiNX 3D 9, 7, and 5 levels
  • Style – All styles available from custom IIC to ITE, and RIC and BTE styles
  • Battery – 10, 312, 13 disposable options depending on style, rechargeable RIC style available
  • IP Rating – Unknown
  • Telecoil – Available in the Quattro
  • FM compatibility – Remote mic function available
  • Standard phone compatibility – PhoneNow and Comfort Phone features
  • Wireless compatibility “Smart” technology – Made for iPhone in LiNX 3D and Quattro, plus Android compatability with Quattro, TV and smartphone streaming available with adapter

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5 – Unitron Moxi


The Unitron Moxi line boasts some of the smallest RIC hearing aids with tons of features.

  • Performance levels – 3 to 5 levels to choose from depending on style
  • Style – RIC with or without telecoil
  • Battery – 10A disposable, 312 disposable, 13 disposable, or 312 ZPower
  • rechargeable

  • IP Rating – IP57 for Moxi Kiss, IP68 for all other Moxi styles
  • Telecoil – Yes, in some styles
  • FM compatibility – No
  • Standard phone compatibility – Auto-phone and binaural phone available
  • Wireless compatibility “Smart” technology – TV and smartphone streaming available with adapter

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Some things to consider when buying a hearing aid for moderate hearing loss

Firstly, people with moderate hearing loss will do well with hearing aids alone in the majority of environments. However, in some complex environments such as church or auditoriums, activation of the telecoil loop may be beneficial.

Improving your hearing is the most important thing when it comes to hearing aids for moderate hearing loss. However, that doesn't mean the hearing aids can't be fun.

If being able to connect to a smartphone or stream the TV through your hearing aids sounds cool, be sure to check out our list of hearing aids compatible with smart devices.

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  • Kathy Ampfel
    Just beginning research here, and this is all very interesting information. All your recommended aids seem to require connection to a cell phone. Is there anything you can recommend for someone who doesn't have or use a cell phone at all?
    • Lindsey Banks
      None of the hearing aids require connection to a cell phone to operate as a hearing aid. The cell phone connection is an optional feature that you can use with the hearing aids, but not required.
  • Jim Erickson
    Knowing that several brands are out of my price range, could you please list the prices of your top 5? I have been shopping on FB and saw the Signia models and they seem to offer all of the options I'm interested in: rechargable, bluetooth, smartphone app, etc. I inquired and they told me they are $249 a pair, and they are offering a $100 rebate right now. Is this accurate, I could get them for $149? If this is the case, I will be calling to schedule an appointment. I have a medicare supplement insurance policy through Humana, do you honor it? What would a visit to your office cost me?
    • Clear Living
      Hi Jim We do not sell hearing aids directly to consumers. We recommend face-to-face consultations with an Audiologist to purchase hearing aids versus purchasing them online. I would be very cautious about purchasing a hearing for $149.00.
  • Janet
    I see that the Resound LinX also comes in a 'in ear' model. The picture you show is only the 'behind ear model' or does the Resound LinX also come in the model you can wear inside your ear canal?
    • Clear Living
      Yes, the LinX also comes in an ITE model
  • Mary 58
    I have mild to moderate loss and wear two Signia Ace hearing aids. Had them for about 18mths now. They are brilliant and very discreet with tubes and in the ear domes. Great I phone app to to control.
  • Hearista
    I think you have good a good list for moderate hearing losses. Looking at hearing apps maybe a top model Signia or Starkey could have made the list? But, overall, good picks!
    • Mary 58
      Yes I wear Signia Ace. Discreet and give great performance.