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It doesn't take much research into the world of hearing aids to uncover an inherent truth – it's all rather complicated. There are a lot of companies out there gunning for your attention, with each selling different models and products.

What makes this even more complicated is that some hearing aid manufacturers are actually owned by what seem to be their competitors. Such is the case with Beltone. Beltone is owned by GN ReSound, another company you may have seen during your travels through the hearing aid world.

Despite being a subsidiary nowadays, Beltone is no slouch when it comes to achievements in the industry. For example, back in 1969, the company designed earmolds for astronauts to wear during take-off!

So let’s have a quick look at Beltone’s top hearing aids, including features and projected prices. Before we start, here are some things to keep in mind while reading this article:

  • Any time we mention a cost, it’s for a single hearing aid, not a pair
  • When you’re buying a hearing aid from a hearing healthcare professional – the best way to buy one – they may add additional costs
  • Prices are projections, as hearing aid manufacturers don’t disclose solid price points on their hearing aids
  • Hearing aids are the crux of an ever-evolving industry. The models discussed here are top of the line as of July 2019, but may be outdated as time marches on

If you have any burning questions, a qualified hearing healthcare professional will most likely be able to help. If you arrange a free appointment with your nearest professional using our form, you’ll be able to ask them all the questions you could ever want.

Speak to a qualified hearing specialist and discuss hearing aid options tailored specifically for you. We recommend that you get professional advice before considering one of the hearing aids listed below.

Beltone costs

Beltone Amaze$2,700
Beltone Legend$2,500
Beltone Trust$2,700

Disclaimer: The prices listed above are estimates based on numerous online sources. These prices may vary, and should only be used as rough guidelines.

When it comes to cost, Beltone is dead average. Some of its best models obviously reach significantly higher, but remember that we’ll be looking at the best versions of each hearing aid in this article, so they’re all going to be in the higher cost range.

Beltone Amaze

Beltone Amaze

A great all-around hearing aid with stellar audio quality

Sound quality Truly impressive, immersive audio
Mobile App Pairs with Beltone HearMax app
US dollar price icon
Expensive A bit on the pricey side

Beltone’s latest model (July 2019), the Amaze represents the peak of Beltone’s audio technology. Lauded mostly for its great sound quality, many people claim that the Beltone Amaze helps them experience the richest sound around.

On top of its amazing sound quality, the Beltone Amaze also comes coupled with the HearMax app. This nifty little tool gives you access to the Remote Care services. You simply open the app and report any problems or preferences to a hearing care professional. They then design some settings based on your feedback, and send them straight back to your hearing aid via your phone. This completely eliminates any need for office visits or tune-ups.

As is standard with most hearing aids nowadays, the Amaze can wirelessly connect to phones and smart televisions via Bluetooth. But that’s hardly news any more

The only reported problems seem to come on a case-by-case basis. Individuals have reported occasional arbitrary sound isolation (for example, one user reported the hearing aids stopped picking up the sound of a running tap.) Others reported sound cutting out and poor fitting, but these would likely all be fixed by a simple visit to a hearing healthcare professional.

As far as cost goes, information is a bit sparse. At an educated guess, we’d estimate that an Amaze would cost about $2,700, but it would definitely be worth confirming this with a hearing healthcare professional.

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Beltone Legend

Beltone Legend

An impressive, feature-rich hearing aid for customizability

Customizable Caters to hearing preferences
Customer support
Support Hearing Care Professional to help
Sound quality Legendarily great audio quality

The Legend comes with some impressive features, such as SmartGain Pro and Ear to Ear Synchronization. These features work in tandem to log your hearing preferences, like your preferred volume in different environments. Your Beltone Hearing Care Professional will then use these logs to customize your hearing aids.

Like other Beltone products, the Legend has legendary sound quality, as well as the ability to connect to any of your smart products.

Most negative criticism relates to feedback issues. There are some reports of loud ringing occasionally being output by the hearing aids, as well as the odd malfunction. Reception to the Legend seems to be generally very good, however, with these problems only popping up very rarely.

The Legend’s price looks to be around $2,500, but this is based off of only a few sources, so you’ll want to verify before committing it to memory.

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Beltone Trust

Beltone Trust

A sturdy hearing aid with great audio quality

Feedback Eraser Makes for easy listening
Protective Coating A sturdy design
Connectivity Connects to many devices

At first, you may be thinking we forgot to add cons to the table above. Well, maybe the Trust just lives up to its name, because there wasn’t a single review we could find that discussed any problems with it.

As for the pros, the Trust includes a Feedback Eraser, which eliminates any painful feedback that might occur. It’s also covered in a protective coating, which stops any moisture or grit from damaging the interior of the device.

Like the other two models discussed here, it also offers great sound quality, and a wide range of connectivity to other devices.

Information on the Trust is a little harder to come by – especially when it comes to customer satisfaction – but it seems to be a reliable and fully functional hearing aid.

When considering cost, the Trust is pretty middle-of-the-road. It’s been spotted at around $2,700, but like all Beltone prices, this is a very rough estimate.

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Speak to a qualified hearing specialist and discuss hearing aid options tailored specifically for you. We recommend that you get professional advice before considering one of the hearing aids listed above.

Beltone hearing aids overall

From what we could find, Beltone seems like a reliable and good-quality hearing aid manufacturer. Being owned by one of the “Big Six” hearing aid companies, this makes sense. All in all, with some great product names and better features, Beltone seems like a solid investment for someone looking for a quality hearing aid without having to break the bank.

For more information on Beltone, or anything hearing aid-related, you can always book a free consultation with a hearing specialist near you through our form. You’ll be able to go over any and all of your options in depth, and in person.

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  • Eddie
    Beltone Legend 6 , is the worst hearing aids I ever had , it started in the first month it keep turning off and on The batteries last only 4 days and there is no volume control. The warrant is good for only 3 years and I'm on the last few months. And now it not only keeps turning off and on , it keep beeping from one hearing aid to the other non stop. And in the Instruction booklet it says they use used parts for repairs. Unbelievable how Beltone gets away with this. I had cheap hearing aids that worked better and lasted longer. Never will I buy Beltone again.
  • George Neidorf
    $5000 for a pair of hearing aids and you think that doesn't "break the bank." I'd like to bank where you bank.
    • Eric Johnson
      I have them, worth every cent, I can hear sounds I haven't heard in years from previous brand hearing aids. I can hear conversations in a group whereas I used to step back and not interact because I could not understand what people were saying in a group setting. Love these aids.