Virginia: Getting a hearing test & buying hearing aids

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Home of the nation’s capital! Virginia has plenty of history to go around, but how much audiology do they have to spare? Let’s find out.

How many test centers are in Virginia?

There are 198 hearing test centers throughout the state of Virginia

Cities with the best hearing healthcare

City PopulationAudiologists & Hearing CentersCenters (per 10,000)
Virginia Beach454,846250.55


What government support do I have?

Unfortunately, the Virginian government still hasn’t gotten around to putting funds aside for their citizens' audiological needs. Hopefully they get onto it and start putting some money aside for a few hearing aids.

What doctoral programs are available in Virginia?

If you’re interested in studying audiology in Virginia, you’ve only got one way to go. The James Madison University is the only higher education institute to offer an audiology doctorate.

Support for military veterans

Hearing healthcare support for veterans is nationwide, with 170 centers across the country and three in Virginia. Not a bad amount for a state of its size! 

Our guide on VA hearing aids goes into more detail about the support you have available.

How can I get my hearing tested?

A hearing test is the first step towards better hearing health and you can get tested for free in your local area by filling in this form. You'll see a qualified hearing consultant who will run a series of tests to determine if you have any hearing loss, and if you do, show you the best options moving forward.

Read our guide on what to expect from a hearing test to find out more about details, know what to bring with you and how long a hearing test might take.


There’s room for audiological improvement in good old Virginia. The groundwork is there, as they have a good amount of hearing clinics, they just need a bit of a push when it comes to putting money toward their citizens’ ears.

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