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Columbus in Ohio

Ohio is the home of the rock ‘n roll hall of fame. Hopefully with all that music, they’re taking care of their ears! Let’s look at their audiology and see how they shape up!

How many test centers are in Ohio?

Ohio is home to 545 hearing test centers

Ohio is home to 545 hearing test centers – an astronomical amount of hearing care for one state, especially one the size of Ohio. Even with potential double counts, due to some clinics being accessible from more than one city, this is a truckload of clinics.

CityPopulationAudiologists & Hearing CentersCenters (per 10,000)

Cleveland absolutely annihilates the competition, which is fitting for a city with the rock ‘n roll hall of fame (yes, we’re bringing it up again). That isn’t to disparage the other cities, however, as they’re also doing incredibly well. They’re all home to plenty of hearing test centers – Ohio is doing very well here.

What government support do I have?

Hearing aids in Ohio aren’t covered by the ACA, but Medicaid picks up a bit of the slack. The don’t cover the cost of the hearing aids themselves, but they can cover ear molds, batteries, repairs, cleaning kits, and further meetings with your specialist.

There are a few stipulations, so make sure to ask your specialist when you’re discussing your options!

What doctoral programs are available in Ohio?

Ohio is home to a healthy four institutions that offer audiology courses. If you’re looking to study audiology in Ohio, you can go to:

  • Ohio State University
  • Ohio University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Kent State University / University of Akron

Support for military veterans

Hearing healthcare support for veterans is nationwide, with 170 centers across the country and five in Ohio. Well done, Ohio, a great amount!

Our guide on VA hearing aids goes into more detail about the support you have available.

How can I get my hearing tested?

A hearing test is the first step towards better hearing health and you can get tested for free in your local area by filling in this form. You'll see a qualified hearing consultant who will run a series of tests to determine if you have any hearing loss, and if you do, show you the best options moving forward.

Read our guide on what to expect from a hearing test to find out more about details, know what to bring with you and how long a hearing test might take.


There’s room for audiological improvement in good old Ohio. The groundwork is there, as they have a good amount of hearing clinics, they just need a bit of a push when it comes to putting money toward their citizens’ ears.

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