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New York’s state slogan should really be “more than The Big Apple.” There’s plenty more to the state than New York City, like the beautiful Syracuse University, the orchards of upstate New York, and their lovely laws on hearing aid cover!

How many test centers are in New York?

Where can you get your hearing tested and a hearing aid prescribed? How many spots in New York offer this service?

There are 173 audiologists throughout the state of New York

Not an overwhelming amount, but if you live anywhere near an even somewhat decently-sized urban area, you'll almost definitely be able to get your hands on a hearing aid.

What government support do I have?

Hearing aids are covered under the ACA, with the exception of bone anchored hearing aids. They are limited to a single purchase (including repair/replacement) every 3 years, with a maximum recoverable amount of $1500.

If you’re on the hunt for bone-anchored hearing aids, you’ll need to fall under one of these following categories:

  1. If you’re a person with craniofacial anomalies whose abnormal or absent ear canals preclude the use of a wearable hearing aid
  2. If you’re a person with hearing loss of sufficient severity that it not be remedied by a wearable hearing aid

As far as Medicaid goes, you’ll be well covered. You’ll need to demonstrate significant hearing loss to qualify for hearing aids, but this is the standard in almost every case. The thresholds you’ll need to be above include:

Monaural Hearing Aid:

  1. Hearing loss in the better ear of 30 dBHL or greater (re ANSI 1969) for the pure tone average of 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz.
  2. A spondee threshold in the better ear of 30 dBHL or greater when pure tone thresholds cannot be established.
  3. Hearing loss in each ear is less than 30 dBHL at the frequencies below 2000 Hz and thresholds in each ear are greater than 40 dBHL at 2000 Hz and higher.
  4. Documentation of communication need and a statement that the patient is alert and oriented and able to utilize their aid appropriately.

Binaural Hearing Aids – same as the criteria for Monaural Hearing Aid plus one or more of the following:

  1. Significant social, vocational or educational demands;
  2. Previous user of binaural hearing aids;
  3. Significant visual impairment.

What support do my children have?

Your children will have the same ACA support that was listed above. Medicaid is usually reserved for individuals who are differently-abled and financially disadvantaged, so it won’t always apply to you or your family.

What doctoral programs are offered in New York?

New York state is home to four different universities that offer an audiology program. The universities are:

  • City University of New York
  • University at Buffalo – State University of New York
  • Adelphi University/Hofstra University/St. John's University
  • Syracuse University


New York is well equipped to handle your audiological needs. If this has reassured you to the point of wanting to attend your own hearing consultation, then look no further. If you fill out our online form, you’ll be able to set up a free consultation with a hearing specialist near you.

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