New Jersey: Guide to Hearing Loss

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New Jersey’s motto is “liberty and prosperity,” but it should really be “liberty, prosperity, and audiology.” Or should it? Let’s investigate New Jersey’s audiological conscientiousness.

How many test centers are in New Jersey?

A nice metric to gauge how seriously a state takes it aural healthcare is the amount of audiology test centers there are throughout.

There are 316 Audiologists throughout the state of New Jersey

For a state that's certainly on the smaller side, when it comes to audiologists, New Jersey can hold its own and then some!

What government support do I have?

New Jersey’s government is fairly supportive when it comes to aural care. They have various Medicaid plans that can help beneficiaries with hearing exams, hearing aids, repairs, replacements, and batteries.

The catch is that you need to know what plans you’re eligible for. There are a few different plans in the system, so you’ll need to make sure you know which plan you fall under.

As far as New Jersey’s ACA policy goes, it only offers full coverage to children 15 years of age or younger, with a maximum of one hearing aid per two years.

Audiology Doctoral Programs Offered in New Jersey

Due to its size, New Jersey only has one university that offers a doctoral program in audiology, Montclair State University.


As you can see, there isn’t a load of public information about New Jersey audiology healthcare, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You might have to do some talking to a general practitioner to find your answers, or even a qualified hearing healthcare professional.

To arrange a consultation with a hearing specialist, our quick and easy online form can get you one for free!

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