New Hampshire: Getting a hearing test & buying hearing aids

White Mountain national forest in New Hampshire

New Hampshire – the first state to declare independence from England. Clearly a forward-thinking state, but how progressive is their audiology?

How many test centers are in New Hampshire?

There are 142 hearing test centers throughout the state of New Hampshire

Cities with the best hearing healthcare

CityPopulationAudiologists & Hearing CentersCenters (per 10,000)


The numbers might seem a bit odd, but since the state is so small, a few of these clinics are easily accessed from multiple cities, meaning they may have been double counted. However, this is a great general idea for the best places to get your hearing tested, showing the Rochester/Concord area to be the best spot to look.

What government support do I have?

New Hampshire knocks it out of the park with their government support for hearing loss. There are no age restrictions – they offer a $1,500 supplement per hearing aid, per ear. A New Hampshire citizen has up to $3,000 to help them with binaural hearing loss (hearing loss in both ears).

This is offered once every 60 months (five years).

If that wasn’t enough, Medicaid covers a lot of additional services. This includes:

  • Any molds that need to be made
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Any repairs and replacements
  • Retunings and refittings

There are a few rules and stipulations, but overall, New Hampshire has some absolutely incredible audiological legislature.

What support do my children have?

Under the ACA, hearing aids are entirely covered for anyone under the age of 18. This is limited to one hearing aid per prescription change, but it goes without saying that this is still a huge benefit for anyone with a hard-of-hearing child.

What doctoral programs are available in New Hampshire?

If you’re looking for an audiology doctorate in New Hampshire, we have some bad news. Currently no New Hampshire schools offer audiology doctorates. Hopefully this is on track to change in the future!

Support for military veterans

Hearing healthcare support for veterans is nationwide, with 170 centers across the country and one in New Hampshire. Not a breathtaking amount, but since you won’t need to be going in once a week, you can make a day of it.

Our guide on VA hearing aids goes into more detail about the support you have available.

How can I get my hearing tested?

A hearing test is the first step towards better hearing health and you can get tested for free in your local area by filling in this form. You'll see a qualified hearing consultant who will run a series of tests to determine if you have any hearing loss, and if you do, show you the best options moving forward.

Read our guide on what to expect from a hearing test to find out more about details, know what to bring with you and how long a hearing test might take.


New Hampshire is absolutely incredible when it comes to their audiology. They offer their citizens a ton of financial help, and have enough hearing centers for their population. Well done New Hampshire!

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