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Whether you're researching hearing loss for the first time, been a hearing aid user for many years, or you're looking for the latest technology to help with your hearing, you've come to the right place.

We've comprehensively covered each of the sections below to help inform any decision you make, but we'll always recommend speaking to a hearing professional before making decisions about your hearing.

All our articles are reviewed by Audiologist Lindsey Banks. Her wealth of experience in the industry provides you with the most up to date industry knowledge.

Hearing aids

Hearing aids are small devices placed in the ear. They're intended for people suffering with hearing loss, designed to suitably amplify the sounds and frequencies based on the individual user's requirement.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is a condition with many causes, from aging to noise to disease. It's very common among older demographics, and often thought of as unavoidable, but can actually be fought resisted and avoided entirely, if you make the right lifestyle choices.

13% of americans are affected by hearing loss


Tinnitus is the sensation of a consistent buzzing or humming within the ear. While it sounds fairly innocuous, it can lead to severe health concerns, among which are lack of sleep, increased risk of dementia, and anxiety.


Audiology is the study of sound and the ear. An audiologist is a qualified doctor, and is qualified to assess all audiological conditions. He/she can also prescribe hearing aids and other hearing technology.


Hearing technology is the category that encapsulates all electronic devices that fall outside of the classification of “hearing aid.” This could include cochlear implants, personal sound amplification products, and various assistive listening devices.

Duncan Lambden

Duncan Lambden


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